Behind the Scenes: Our First Photoshoot

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This first styled photoshoot for Love, Raegen was so fun! It was really inspiring to me to finally see this vision for the pieces and the brand come together. And with my photographer Becca’s creativity, these photos were brought to life. 




I wanted to show you how I style each accessory while inspiring you to create your own way to wear them. I needed the perfect background that would allow the jewelry to stand out. The first location we used was my favorite coffee shop in Fort Worth, Sons of Liberty. The simple, contemporary aesthetic with low key lighting was perfect and we shot the majority of our photos here.




I also wanted a place that would add a higher-end luxury personality, so the Worthington Hotel downtown was our second location. It has a modern and classy look with a Texas influence. This was just what I needed— a taste of Fort Worth to really bring this brand to life in our photos. We were able to capture the look of someone truly in their element where her accessories helped express her personality, which is why I loved this location so much!




We chose simple outfits for Sarah to model that would allow us to get creative with each piece of  jewelry and accessory. We could easily go from one look to another without changing her whole outfit— just switching out the accessories.

Something I’m really happy with is how our styled looks turned out. We put together looks for anyone shopping on my site who needs more inspiration. You can find this on my Shop Looks page. It’s also perfect for someone who is shopping for a gift and needs a place to start, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. 



I can’t wait to create more styles and looks on our next photoshoot! Look forward to new pieces and content! 

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